Cleanse Your Energy Field with a Light Shower

As we go about our daily lives, we interact with people and the outside world, which can leave us feeling drained and ungrounded. Our energy fields can easily become cluttered with the energy of others, making it essential to focus on energy hygiene and cleanse our auras regularly.

Many people focus on keeping their physical spaces clean but neglect the importance of cleansing their energy fields. Our bodies and surroundings are made of energy, and maintaining a clear and healthy energy field is crucial for our well-being. So, how do we cleanse our energy field?

The answer is simple: call on a light shower. You can do this while sitting, walking, or even better, during a physical shower. As you shower with water, visualize light coming down from the Universe and washing every cell of your body, including the space between the cells, and your aura. Call upon the light to cleanse your energy field, and let it run through you while you enjoy your shower.

By the end of your shower, your energy field will be cleansed, and you will feel refreshed and renewed. This practice is an easy and effective way to maintain your energy hygiene and keep your aura clear of unwanted energies.

Remember that energy hygiene is the most important thing in your life, whether you know it or not. By incorporating this simple tool into your self-care routine, you will experience greater clarity, positivity, and peace of mind. So, take a light shower today and enjoy the benefits of a clear and healthy energy field.

Christina Olnils

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