How to Center Your Energy

I’ve mentioned this story before in my “Fork and spoon bending” post, and now I want to show you how to center your energy in more detail.


When I was a teenager, I went to a Midsummer party with my family. At one point in the evening, three other guests and I were invited to try and lift my dad with just one of our index fingers.

My dad was paralyzed for the last 9 years of his life and had a respirator and sat in an electric wheelchair, just like Christopher Reeves. They had their accidents roughly at the same time.

So, four index fingers are going to be able to lift my dad? We all put our fingers under his armpits and his knees and tried… nothing happened. Then we were told to center our energies by putting our hands on top of each other and see in our mind’s eye how we are lifting my dad, and try again…

This time it WORKED! We lifted my dad like he was light as a feather. 

This is a story I’ve carried with me all my life, and maybe that’s why manifestation has been such a natural thing for me. Because when you can feel the energy of what you want, it manifests more quickly.


Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. As you breathe in, you are going to imagine all of the energy that you have left behind in the world coming back to you. This energy is going to fill you up and restore a feeling of fullness to your soul.

Imagine this energy as a golden, and sparkly light coming down to you, and entering your head flowing down through your body filling every cell. If you’d like, imagine all of your cells like big breakfast cups that are scooping up this magical energy.

Contrastingly, on the exhale you want to imagine that you are blowing away the low vibrating energy of everyone else flowing down out from your feet. All of the negative energy that has accumulated within you is being neutralized and sent away, leaving you feeling light and free.

When you see that your cups are full you have been centered.


You may also want to do this exercise but also ask for the energy of your choosing.

You might want to feel energized before picking up your kid from school or feel the energy of confidence before entering the stage or a meeting.

Visualize the same thing as mentioned above with seeing the golden, and sparkly light coming down to you and say: I’m asking for the energy of….

The fastest way to start feeling the energy of your choosing is to imagine how it feels to have that energy of confidence, love, or whatever you want to feel and have.

This is something I practice several times a day. Before each client session, I ask for the energy of intuition for example. All to better serve my clients. Before I pick up my son from school I ask for the energy of love, patience, and understanding for both myself and my son.


You could also help someone by doing this exercise and laying one hand on their chest and the other hand on their forehead.

I hope you will love this simple centering exercise and “The One Minute Check-In Tool” as much as I do.

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