Meditation for Beginners

Breathe. That would be the first word I would use to describe meditation. 

Meditation has been something I have wanted to master for a long time, but I didn’t understand the benefits, and I wasn’t into sitting with my legs crossed for hours, I mean, I don’t have the patience or the time.

So why was my body craving meditation and how could I find a way to meditate that would work for me?

I have found a way that works for me, and I would like to share this with you.

I micro-meditate several times a day. Meditation is not only about sitting still for hours, and hours. Meditation should be exactly what you want it to be.

First of all – any minute is a good minute to start your meditation journey.

What are the emotional and physical benefits of meditation, you might wonder?

Meditation will help you live in the present and is an excellent way to unlock whole-body wellness.

Reduce fear, anxiety, social anxiety, stress, negative emotions, depression, blood pressure, burnout, addiction, food cravings, and more.

Increase: self-awareness, imagination, creativity, patience, tolerance, concentration, attention, serotonin levels, productivity, immune system, mental functioning, kindness, memory, spiritual awakening, resilience, sex life, mindful eating, self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, mind-body connection, emotional safety, metabolism, digestion, energy, endorphins, I can keep on going, but I know you start to get the drift, right?

If you’re looking for answers, gain a new perspective on stressful situations, become your own best cheerleader, add balance to your life, visualize your goals, and feel safe, then meditation might be for you.

If that wasn’t enough to make you want to start yesterday, here is another benefit: meditation helps preserve the aging brain. Yes – you read that right!

Worth a try?
My tips to get started:

Ask yourself why you want to meditate.

The reason why you want to meditate is to give yourself motivation through your journey.  Having a powerful “why” will act as the silver lining that brings you back to your mediation practice.

Be kind to yourself.

When I first went to the gym and started working out, I could not lift the heavier weights, but as time moved on I got stronger. Everything new that we haven’t started to master in our life is the same way. Give yourself patience if your mind starts to wander. The most important thing you can ever do is to talk lovingly to yourself.

Almost every space is a good place to meditate (as long as there are no distractions).

You can choose to lie down or sit on a chair or sofa – whatever you prefer. This can be anywhere. In your bed, before you fall asleep (my favorite time and place), a quiet spot in your home or a peaceful place outdoors. 

Hope this gave you some ideas on how you can start your journey. Have an amazing week and I’m looking forward to hearing about your meditation journey! 

Christina Olnils

Christina Olnils - Transformation Coach

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Christina Olnils

Meditation for Beginners

Breathe. That would be the first word I would use to describe meditation. Meditation has been something I have wanted to master for a long

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