The 3 Most Important Questions

What if the biggest gap between you and your greatest life… is just three simple questions? Imagine you answer the three questions below and those answers kickstart a motion of events…

Discover the revolutionary goal-setting methodology that has captured the minds of millions of people and thousands of companies around the world – and why asking yourself the 3 Most Important Questions may just launch you towards a life you only previously dreamt about.

Goal setting is not only to achieve great results but rather based on living a fulfilling life.

Let me just first explain the difference between “end goals” and “means goals”.

”End goals” are related to the human experience. They represent our ultimate desires, our North Star, our ideal.
“Means goals” on the other hand, are the ways that we use to get there.

Imagine you have all the resources you need. What would you love your life to look like in the next 3-5 years?
Start by asking yourself: What is it I really want? What would truly make me, and the people I love, happy?

Write down everything that you could possibly dream of doing or having that would make you feel happy and joyful. Take no more than 90 seconds per category. The point is not to overthink it but let the answers flow through you. This is how you will hear the answers that instantly come to you, straight from your heart. Keep on writing for the full 90 seconds and do not stop. At some point, your critical mind shuts off and you start writing what matters. No matter how big or small your ideas are, write down everything that comes to you.

Take a piece of paper and draw three columns with the headlines: Experience, Growth & Contribution at the top, and fill in your answers in each column.

1. What do I want to experience in life?

If I had unlimited resources, what would my life look like?
What would I be doing?
Who is there with me?
What do I want to experience with friends and family?
How are my relationships?
What does my home look like?
Where do I want to travel?
What activities or hobbies am I engaging in?
What does success look like for me?

2. How do I want to grow and develop myself? 

What new skills do I want to learn?
What languages do I want to master?
What character traits do I want to improve?
How can I learn to take better care of myself?
Write down anything you want to develop in your life.

3. How do I want to contribute to the world?

How could I contribute to my family, friends, society, city, or even the entire planet? What is the legacy I want to leave? How can I make the world a better place? What problem do I want to solve for the planet?

Good luck and have fun!

- Christina

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I’m a lover of personal development, connection and helping others live their best lives. I’m also a mom, bonus mom and partner and I love a glass of wine with family and friends.

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