How to Raise Your Vibration and Manifest Your Dreams

Have you ever heard of energy alchemy? It’s the process of transforming negative energy into positive energy, allowing you to manifest your deepest desires. But how do you shift your vibration to hack this process?

It all comes down to the frequency of your vibration. When you vibrate on a lower frequency, it’s difficult to access positive feelings and thoughts. Your feelings and thoughts are like energy bubbles floating around, and you attract those that match your vibration. It’s like walking around with a Velcro that attaches to the feelings and thoughts around you that match your Velcro color.

To raise your vibration, you need to eliminate gossiping, as it brings down your frequency. Avoid gossiping with others, and even with yourself. Instead, shift the conversation to something positive or leave the conversation altogether. You can also program your mind positively by using subconscious states like falling asleep and waking up. Program your mind with positive affirmations or thoughts before going to bed and upon waking up.

Another way to hack our frequency is by programming our minds positively during our subconscious states. We experience subconscious states when we’re falling asleep, waking up, or when we’re unconscious. We can use this to our benefit by feeding our subconscious mind with positive affirmations or positive talk before bed and when we wake up in the morning. This way, we program our minds positively, and it’s a thousand times more effective than doing affirmations consciously.

By raising your vibration, you can access your Higher Self, which has a higher vibration and offers valuable insights to help you manifest your dreams. Remember, there are certain levels of measurement that you can use to gauge your progress. If you’re above 200, you’re in hope and positive feelings. At 500, you’re in unconditional love, and everything can be loved by you.

So, start unlocking the power of energy alchemy today. Shift your vibration, eliminate negativity, and program your mind positively. The universe is waiting for you to manifest your dreams.

Christina Olnils

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