Inspiration for Valentines!

Hi beautiful!

Wow, Valentine is just around the corner, on Monday to be specific.

Whether you’re going out with your galantines for drinks or have a romantic date planned, it’s always nice to dress up a little and I love to give both my partner, kids, and girlfriends some thoughtful gifts.

This year I’ve found some really cool balloons, chocolate, and bubbly to help celebrate this day. To be honest I like any day with little balloons, chocolate, and bubbly…

Wish you a magical weekend and Valentine’s!

Christina Olnils

Christina Olnils - Transformation Coach

I'm Christina!

I’m a lover of self-development, a lucid dreamer, and helping others live their best lives. I’m also a mom, bonus mom, and partner and I love a glass of wine with family and friends.

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Christina Olnils

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