What Is Spiritual Life Coaching?

I coach both “normal” transformational life coaching as well as spiritual life coaching. And what’s the difference you might wonder.

Well… Do you sense there’s a far easier and more aligned way to experience your life… but can’t quite put your finger on what’s missing?

Something is holding you back, causing everything you try to do and achieve in your life and work to feel like a major struggle. 

The “missing” ingredient is to invite unlimited abundance and fulfillment into your life. To get what you want – you must first align with the energy of it. True transformation happens only when you align yourself with the energy, or essence, of what you wish to achieve. Once you become aligned with that energy – what you want will flow to you, effortlessly.

  • To create more prosperity You must align with the energy of abundance.
  • To become vibrant and energized – You must align with the energy of well-being.
  • To have a fulfilling, loving relationship –You must align with the energy of love.
Once you learn how to work with the energy that governs creation – everything falls into place, and anything becomes possible.
What if I can help you to learn how to tap into the power of energy alignment…

…and create an extraordinary new reality for yourself? 

The most powerful, effective way to use the power of energy is by understanding the laws behind how it works and flows.

In the same way, our physical universe is governed by the law of gravity – the energetic realm is governed by the 7 powerful, universal laws.

Mastering the 7 Universal Laws is the key to creating anything you desire in life. It will allow you to attune yourself to this Unlimited Energy and create the reality you’ve always wanted. And this process is easier than you think! 

Once you learn the “Rules of the Game” – everything will start flowing with ease:

  • Your confidence will grow steadily as you achieve one milestone after the other
  • Your relationships will blossom.
  • Your income will grow at a faster pace than you could ever imagine
  • You will feel happier, healthier, and more alive than ever.
And best of all…
You’ll know exactly how to create deep, lasting transformation so you can achieve the most ideal results in alignment with your higher purpose.

All of this with very little effort or struggle, and completely in flow.

Hope that eased your mind a little bit. Reach out through CONTACT in the menu and we can have a chat about it.

Christina Olnils

Christina Olnils - Transformation Coach

I'm Christina!

I’m all about personal growth, living my dreams, and lifting others up along the way. I wear many hats – proud mom, loving partner, and bonus mom – and there’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing a glass of wine with family and friends.

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Christina Olnils

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