Why You Get The Best Ideas In The Shower

Why do your best ideas come in the shower? Or when you need a brilliant idea the most, your mind goes completely blank. (Think presentations, meetings, interviews.)
What’s up with that?
But when you’re doing the most simple things like taking a walk, showering, or dozing off – BOOM. The perfect solution pops into your head out of nowhere.
That’s because you get your best ideas when you’re deeply relaxed in an altered state of mind. It’s when you’re able to reach Alpha, Theta, and Delta brain waves for incredible levels of intuitive guidance and creativity.
I love to meditate when I’m in bed at night or listen to my lofty questions (affirmation put into questions so my inner critic voice can’t tell me that I’m not worthy) just because I am in a dozing off mode. This basically means that I’m more aligned and connected with the universe.

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Christina Olnils

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